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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bench in mining?

These benches are typically referred to as either "coastal benches," "wave-cut benches," or "wave-cut platforms.". In mining, a bench is a narrow, strip of land cut into the side of an open-pit mine. These step-like zones are created along the walls of an open-pit mine for access and mining.

What are the advantages of designing open pit mines with higher benches?

In general, some advantages of designing open pit mines with higher benches can be mentioned as follows (ii) Dilution is increased; (iii) Work space and as a result, flexibility of operation is decreased for the machinery; (iv) Safety issues will be more serious. (Li, 1995):

Why is there a berm between benching pits?

When double or triple benching, sometimes a small 1-2m berm may be left between benches due to the inability of the blasthole drill to get right against the pit wall when drllling off the next bench. The width of the drill berm can possibly be eliminated by drilling the entire double bench or using smaller drills.

What determines the size of a pit bench?

The width of each bench is determined by the size of the equipment being used, generally 20-40 metres wide. Downward ramps are created to allow mining on a new level to begin. This new level will become progressively wider to form the new pit bottom.

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