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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits does Novartis offer?

In addition to providing comprehensive insurance programs and a generous savings plan, Novartis is committed to helping its employees achieve personal success with educational assistance and healthy lifestyle benefits.

Where can I find information about Novartis?

Novartis businesses and research teams have a worldwide presence. Find information in your local language by exploring the Novartis website directory.

Who knows Novartis better than its employees?

Nobody knows Novartis better than its employees. By identifying talented friends, relatives, and acquaintances who meet the qualifications for available positions, eligible Novartis employees may receive a $2,000 referral bonus if a referred candidate is hired.

What are the benefits of the Novartis SIP?

The SIP supports our performance-oriented culture and gives associates the opportunity to build an ownership interest in Novartis based on performance and potential contribution to the growth of our business. The company offers an attractive benefits program that is competitive with top companies in the industry.

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