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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best lures to use for bass?

Choose lure size according to the tackle you're using and the species you're fishing for. In general, choose smaller jigs and grubs when fishing for panfish (bluegill, sunfish, crappie, perch) and larger lures such as spinnerbaits and crankbaits when fishing for bigger fish (bass, walleye, and pike).

What is the best fishing lure brand?

A Bait by fish guide. Rapala Brand is the World's leading brand of fishing lures. The highest number of World record fish have been caught with Rapala lures, more than any other lure brand. Rapal lures are sold in over 140 countries throughout the World. Rapala makes some really fine lures and they also make a huge variety of lures,...

What are the best freshwater fishing lures?

In a trip to catch bass, pike, or walleye, the best choice of all freshwater fishing lures is probably crankbait. Crankbaits resemble a small fish and are great for catching crappie, walleye, or trout.

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