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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hybrid car in the world?

Prius is the best-selling gas/electric hybrid car in the world, and has the best fuel economy in its class. The Prius has become the face of hybrid cars.

Can a hybrid save me money?

With hybrid cars, you know you get to save a lot of money cause purchasing fuel would be a thing of the past. The costs for depreciation of hybrid cars are meager. Getting a hybrid car would save you the costs of purchasing new car parts. In the end, you save up on all these funds.

What is the cheapest electric vehicle?

With the record of having produced the cheapest car in the world, Tata, the makers of Tata Nano, the cheapest car in the world, unveiled the electric version of the Nano at the 80th Geneva Motor Show.

What are Nissan hybrid vehicles?

Nissan has been building their Altima hybrid cars at their Smyrna, Tennessee plant, which has the capacity of building up to 50,000 vehicles. If demand for the Altima hybrid is great enough, Nissan may just offload some production of the traditional Altima cars to their plant in Canton, Mississippi.

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