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Frequently Asked Questions

Are hybrid cars better than petrol cars?

On the ashes-to-ashes scale, EVs win: The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) says EVs pollute less than ... and petrol [gas] cars today,” the 2020 report said. “Discussing whether or not coal-fueled electric cars are better or worse ...

What is the best rated hybrid car?

To put that in perspective, the Toyota Corolla of the time was rated at 30 mpg combined ... be sure to check out our lists of Best Hybrid Cars and Best Electric Cars. NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Scattered, heavy snow showers are moving through central New ...

Which hybrid car should I buy?

There will still be a place for people to buy used petrol and diesel vehicles, since the ban only applies to new car sales. In the same vein, used hybrids will still be legal to purchase after 2035, as well. Don't Buy a Diesel Car Until You Watch This!

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