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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Instagram a native app?

Instagrille is a desktop app for your Instagram. It runs directly from your computer with all the options as available on the native mobile app. You can also opt to receive instant notifications whenever your friend posts new photos.

Is planoly approved by Instagram?

We are 100% approved by Instagram. Why Planoly is the best: The complete end to end platform for your Instagram account. Visually see how your Instagram profile feed will look like with our drag and drop feature. Effectively manage all your content on our web dashboard or phone app. Schedule your Instagram posts days, weeks, or months in advance.

What is the best app for Instagram photos?

Padgram is one of the best and most popular Instagram apps for iPad. The app displays photos and videos on a grid that can be viewed in either portrait or landscape mode, and tapping on a thumbnail displays the photo or video in full size with a description, likes and comments.

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