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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best broadheads?

Two such broadheads are the SIK F4 and QAD Exodus. The F4 is a traditional two-blade broadhead with two bleeder blades that has a big cut diameter at 1.35 inches. It’s about as accurate as a fixed blade broadhead gets and will cut going in and coming out. The three-blade Exodus has uniquely swept-back blades that create a 1.25-inch-wide cut.

What is a mechanical Broadhead?

Mechanical broadheads have blades that are either completely or mostly concealed within the body of the arrowhead while in flight. The blades extend on impact with the target. Hybrid broadheads are a comparatively recent introduction but are becoming increasingly popular.

Are fixed-blade broadheads better than mechanicals?

And lastly, fixed blades tend to be more durable overall. Especially the one-piece designs and heads made with higher-end steel. When it comes to downsides, the first that comes to mind is tuning. Fixed-blade broadheads are harder to tune across the board. These vanes on the front end of your arrow influence flight much more than mechanicals do.

Are mechanical broadheads good for deer hunting?

Best Mechanical Broadheads for Deer The benefits of using a mechanical broadhead is that they create enormous wound channels and are superior in flight. They usually make larger entry and exit holes, cause more internal damage, and take little to no tuning.

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