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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best men's athletic shoes for marching band?

The first brand of shoes is Adidas. The best models of men’s Athletic Shoes for Marching Band from Adidas are the Terrex Agravic Ultra Trail Running Shoes. Available in 3 colors, the Terrex Agravic Ultra shoes were designed to be worn when running on mountain trails.

How do I choose the best marching shoes?

When selecting a shoe, choose one that will give proper arch support and provides comfortable padding on the heel of the foot. Certain shoes will encourage the rolled heel technique that most corp-style marching bands implement, such as the Drillmasters. Dark color shoes can hide footwork mistakes for rookie marchers.

What are the differences between marching band shoes and practice shoes?

Marching Band Shoes used in performances are different from your practice shoes, but both kinds of shoes need to be able to do a few different things including: Your shoes need to be able to grip and retain traction on any surface such as concrete astroturf and auxiliary fields.

Are New Balance marching band tennis shoes good?

New Balance shoes are highly recommended in the athletic community for their support and how long the shoe lasts. Making it a solid choice of a Marching Band Tennis Shoe. The entire foot is cushioned, and the shoes are designed to reduce and evenly distribute impact from pronation.

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