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Frequently Asked Questions

Are toilet brushes eco-friendly?

We love that the white exterior of the canister and brush will blend well in many bathroom designs, but it's made of plastic, which isn't eco-friendly. Plus, the brush heads are not replaceable, so expect to replace the entire toilet brush itself every year or so.

What is the best toilet brush?

The best toilet brush overall is the OXO Good Grips Hideaway. It has a curved comfort-grip handle and a tapered head with durable bristles. The brush head is small enough to provide a detailed cleaning underneath the rim and deep into the toilet bowl but also large enough to make the process quick and efficient.

How big should a toilet brush be?

Toilet brushes don’t vary much in size, but the dimensions can change based on the actual shape of the brush. Narrow brushes can be stored in a slim, narrow holder, while round brushes often take up more space (usually 4 inches in diameter). If your toilet is very close to the wall or you're looking to save space, opt for a narrow brush.

What is a sellemer toilet brush?

The Sellemer Toilet Brush has a durable handle made of premium plastic and a tapered head with silicone bristles. Thanks to the flat, bendable brush head, you can reach under the rim, deep into the drain, and all around the bowl to remove stains and residue. The silicone material also makes this product easy to clean.

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