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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best toilet brush?

The best toilet brush overall is the OXO Good Grips Hideaway. It has a curved comfort-grip handle and a tapered head with durable bristles. The brush head is small enough to provide a detailed cleaning underneath the rim and deep into the toilet bowl but also large enough to make the process quick and efficient.

Are oxo toilet brushes easy to clean?

The holders each toilet brush came in were also evaluated for ease of cleaning and how easily they tipped over. This toilet brush from OXO has the look and feel of a traditional toilet brush with added angled bristles to clean under the rim.

Where can I buy toilet brushes & holders?

Shop from Toilet Brushes & Holders brands you already know and love like Nameeks, EVIDECO, WS Bath Collections - plus so many others! Houzz is your one stop shop for all things home.

Are toilet brushes eco-friendly?

We love that the white exterior of the canister and brush will blend well in many bathroom designs, but it's made of plastic, which isn't eco-friendly. Plus, the brush heads are not replaceable, so expect to replace the entire toilet brush itself every year or so.

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