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Frequently Asked Questions

Can San Antonio and Bexar County issue mask mandates?

Officials in San Antonio and Bexar County can temporarily issue mask mandates, despite Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's (R) order prohibiting local governments and school districts in the state from requiring masks, Judge Antonia Arteaga ruled on Tuesday.

Will masks be required in schools in Texas?

The rulings came in two separate lawsuits. A Bexar County health official quickly required masks in public schools. And Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins may soon issue a mandate. Desks are spaced out in a classroom at Ott Elementary School in San Antonio.

Who is the judge in the mask case in San Antonio?

A Texas district judge granted the city of San Antonio and Bexar County a temporary restraining order, blocking Gov. Greg Abbott’s restriction on localities imposing mask mandates. On Tuesday, Judge Antonia Arteaga made the ruling following almost an hour of arguments from attorneys.

What does the Texas Supreme Court's decision on mask mandates mean?

Paxton exulted in the court’s decision. “The Texas Supreme Court has sided with the law, and the decision to enforce mask mandates lies with the governor’s legislatively-granted authority,” Paxton said in a statement. “Mask mandates across our state are illegal, and judges must abide by the law.

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