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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you look up a federal tax lien?

How to Look Up a Federal Tax Lien. If a property owner fails to pay federal taxes, the IRS files a Notice of Federal Tax Lien with the state recorder's office to secure the debt and alert creditors that the government has a legal right to the property. You can find a federal tax lien at the recorder's office in the appropriate county and state.

What is a county tax lien?

County level tax liens in the United States. In the United States, a tax lien may be placed on a house or any other real property on which property tax is due (such as an empty tract of land, a boat dock, or even a parking place).

Are liens on property public record?

A lien is typically a public record. It is generally filed with a county records office (for real property) or with a state agency, such as the secretary of state (for cars, boats, office equipment, and the like). Liens on real estate are a common way for creditors to collect what they are owed.

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