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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BGC?

We are BGC…Bringing People Together, Growing Churches, and Changing Communities! ~ Act 1:8; Matthew 9:35-38; Mark 10:13-16 Baptist General Convention of Virginia Call (804) 386-9090 for more information. We are a Convention that is a conduit for effective ministry in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

What is Baptist Grove all about?

Our goal is for the whole family to grow together in discipleship. From babies to College Students, we know BGC is a great place to learn, grow, meet new friends, and have fun as we discover the Word of God. Walk with us through the Beatitudes! Life is better, together. That’s why at Baptist Grove, we believe in a life in community.

What is Bethel Glory Church?

At Bethel Glory Church, we are empowering people with the word and the spirit so the live a victorious supernatural lifestyle that manifests God's glory as they pursue evangelistic kingdom expansion. In BGC, we are Worded, we are Contemporary, we are Supernatural Watch these supernatural miracles and testimonies through God's general.

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