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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose BGE home?

We Know More, We Do More. You can trust BGE HOME to provide heating and air conditioning installations and repairs along with plumbing repairs and electrical services that fit your home and your budget.

What does BGE home warranty cover?

BGE Home Plans and Coverage BGE Home Warranty offers both Individual Protection Plans as well as bundled, Smart Service Plans. Individual Protection Plans offer coverage on a single selected appliance or system, such as a washer or refrigerator, while the Smart Service Plans cover a specific group of appliances and systems.

What does BGE offer for individual protection plans?

BGE offers Individual Protection Plans on the following items: BGE offers eight Smart Service Plans that cover a combination of appliances and systems. Kitchen —This plan covers three kitchen appliances: the refrigerator, oven, and range. Laundry — The Laundry Plan covers your washer, dryer, and water heater.

Does BGE have 24/7 emergency service?

However, BGE does cut down the price of their service with a $0 service fee on most plans. While offering a 24/7 emergency service to its customers, BGE’s regular availability just doesn’t stack up to other companies, as they only allow non-emergency service calls Monday through Saturday from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.

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