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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the formula for calculating binding energy?

Once mass defect is known, nuclear binding energy can be calculated by converting that mass to energy by using E=mc2. Mass must be in units of kg. Once this energy, which is a quantity of joules for one nucleus, is known, it can be scaled into per-nucleon and per-mole quantities.

What is the definition of binding energy?

Binding Energy Definition: The energy required to either separate an electron from an atom or to separate the protons and neutrons of an atomic nucleus.

What is the significance of binding energy?

Binding energy, amount of energy required to separate a particle from a system of particles or to disperse all the particles of the system. Binding energy is especially applicable to subatomic particles in atomic nuclei, to electrons bound to nuclei in atoms, and to atoms and ions bound together in crystals.

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