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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bing Rewards and how it works?

That is the meaning behind "Bing Rewards". How it Works... This is relatively simple. You sign up for the service, log on, and Bing will keep a record of what it is that you search for. Think of it as a sort of "frequent flyer miles" but for the internet. As long as you are signed into Bing and keep on search, you keep racking up the points.

What can you get with Bing Rewards?

Bing Rewards was launched in 2010 to attract people to use the Bing search engine. In this program, members can earn reward points or credits when they search online using Bing, and perform other tasks such as answering quizzes and surveys. As long as your Bing Rewards account is signed in on any device you use to go online, you can earn credits.

How many points do I need for Bing Rewards?

The main way you can earn points with Bing Rewards is by using the Bing Search engine to do your usual web searching. You score a point for every two searches you complete. You can earn a maximum of 15 points per day. You can also earn Bing Rewards points by referring your friends.

What is the maximum amount of Bing Rewards per day?

Using Bing, you earn 1 credit for every two searches with a maximum of up to 15 credits earned per day. Swagbucks has no earning maximum. Bing Rewards offers bonus points for different levels of completion (silver and gold status).

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