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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bing a good search engine?

Bing is the leading search engine when it comes to image search. Additionally, it has some awesome perks. The Bing Rewards feature also rewards its users by awarding them credits just for using their platform to browse.*

Who uses Bing as their search engine?

Bing is a Microsoft-owned alternative to Google, and thus can be used in any web browser or as an app on your smartphone. You can also set Bing as the default search engine in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari if you wish; if you use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, Bing is the search engine by default.

How do I make Bing my default search engine?

Here’s how to make Bing your search engine 1From this screen, click the wrench icon on the application bar, then select View on the desktop. 2Once you’re in the desktop, re-click the button Make Bing your search engine. 3In the pop-up window, click Make this my default search provider, and click Add.

Why is Bing my default search engine?

Bing is Microsoft's search engine. The company developed and updated Bing with Internet Explorer and Edge in mind. So, if you want to enjoy the best possible browsing experience on Edge, you should set Bing as your default search engine. As far as Bing's performance is concerned, well, that's a long discussion and we'll probably cover it in a future blog post.

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