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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Linda die in blue blood?

Blue Bloods. Linda did, in fact, survive the fire at her and Danny’s home at the end of season 7, but during a therapy session (grief counseling, it appears) it’s revealed the ER nurse apparently died as a result of a helicopter crash while transporting a patient.

Why did Amy Carlson leave “Blue Bloods”?

Amy Carlson took to social media and gave fans a message about her unexpected departure from the show. She wrote “My heart is full of gratitude to each of you for your generous support of me and my character for the last seven years of Blue Bloods – Linda Reagan. I have been touched by your compassion and enthusiasm.

What happened to Linda on 'Blue Bloods?

In the eighth-season premiere episode, which aired on September 29, 2017, it was revealed that Linda-who was a nurse-had died in a helicopter crash while transporting a patient. Following Blue Bloods, Carlson worked recurring roles on The Society and The Village.

What happened to Linda Reagan on Blue Bloods?

Linda Reagan's (Amy Carlson) death on Blue Bloods has been a polarizing topic for fans since the shocking announcement in the season 8 premiere. Viewers were angry and confused after the show revealed Linda had died in an apparent helicopter crash. But the latest season 9 episode just dropped another major bombshell: Linda's demise was no accident.

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