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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Bluffton icon and Ada icon websites?

BLUFFTON — The Bluffton Icon and Ada Icon online journalism websites have new owners. Fred and Mary Pannabecker Steiner created the Bluffton Icon 2009 the Ada Icon in 2012. They have sold the online websites to Ryan and Gayle Lowery, of Bluffton.

What is Bluffton University known for?

Bluffton University has again been recognized by the "U.S. News & World Report" as a Top Performer in Social Mobility, Best Value School and in the top tier of Midwest "regional colleges."

What did village of Bluffton Council do in October 25?

The October 25 Village of Bluffton council meeting was dominated by two public hearings involving real estate development. Both items were approved by Council as described below. Fun to do the Impossible!

What's new at Bluffton community college?

Bluffton has joined an initiative to streamline the transfer process for community college students to earn bachelor's degrees in English, psychology or biology. The Bluffton Board of Trustees reappointed Dr. Jane Wood as president; reviewed plans for the Knowlton Science Center; and completed diversity, equity and inclusion training.

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