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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a boho style jewelry?

What is Boho Style Jewelry? Boho is an abbreviated form of Bohemian, a style that is often associated with gypsies, earthiness, and free living. Channeling natural themes and vibrant colors, boho style is excellent for creating beauty that makes a statement.

What is chic little Boho?

Boho chic is often characterized by billowy skirts and dresses. The boho chic style is about taking the basic style elements seen in the bohemian look and personalizing them. There is no set standard for how a certain piece of apparel must be worn. A gauzy cotton tunic can be left loose and worn over a skirt.

Where does "boho style" come from?

Boho Clothing: Fashion History and Bohemian Style 200 Years of Boho Fashion. Bohemian style has, for over 200 years, been an exotic alternative to the accepted fashions of a given period. Origin of Bohemian Style. ... Bohemian Lifestyle of the 19th Century. ... The Aesthetic Movement. ... 20th Century Bohemian Style. ... Elements of Bohemian Style. ... Bohemian Icons. ... Moments From La Boheme

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