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Frequently Asked Questions

What is boho chic design?

Boho Chic design draws inspiration from the carefree, bohemian mystique of a world traveler. This casual style exudes the eclectic vibes of collected treasures, blending old and new to create a unique, lived-in look. Energetic colors, vintage decor, and layers of fringed throws add whimsy and comfort to this creative space.

What are the best colors for boho design?

Paisley in saturated tones of pink, yellow, blue, and green is a bohemian’s bestie. Floral-inspired patterns fill any boho space with a whimsical vibrance that inspires freedom, beauty, truth, and love.

What is boho style furniture?

The recipe for the perfect boho style is a pinch of indie and a dash of gypsy, followed by a sprinkling of free-spirited nature and topped with lots of charm. Serve up a stunning bohemian design for your space that inspires you to both create and relax. Shop your designs at Overstock to get free shipping* on all your boho furniture and decor.

How do you create a boho style home?

If you prefer the relaxed style of a boho home, check out our tips for creating your own bohemian retreat. Fill your space from top to bottom with bold and energetic colors. For an ultra-eclectic space, paint your walls turquoise or lime green, then pile on colorful furniture and accessories.

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