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Frequently Asked Questions

What is boho style home decor?

Bohemian interior style. Four-poster beds, large armoires, carved wood dining tables and chairs or dramatic chests are all great furniture choices for designing Boho-chic home decor. Dark brown stains, reddish brown colors and mahogany stains are perfect for modern furniture decoration. Boho-chic decor style is about the right accents.

What is the urban Boho design trend all about?

Boho style isn't about perfection, it's about coziness and feeling comfortable, just like you're supposed to feel at your home. When decorating your urban boho living room, go ahead and experiment with materials. Don't be afraid to use different materials, even if your space is somewhat limited.

What is a boho style jewelry?

What is Boho Style Jewelry? Boho is an abbreviated form of Bohemian, a style that is often associated with gypsies, earthiness, and free living. Channeling natural themes and vibrant colors, boho style is excellent for creating beauty that makes a statement.

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