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Frequently Asked Questions

What is boho chic?

Bohemian Chic The word “boho” is actually short for the French word “Bohemian.” Originally named for the gypsies who traveled across Europe from Bohemia, the word later evolved to include writers, artists, musicians, actors, and creatives who traveled a lot and led nomadic and unconventional lifestyles.

What is Bohemian decorating style?

Bohemian style is all about creating warmth and interest. It is a busy, cluttered style with a lot of interesting things going on. There is a lot of freedom with this style and many room decorating ideas to choose from.

What does Boho clothing?

Boho is the modern bohemian clothing style, sometimes called Boho-chic or Bobo, which is short for "Bohemian bourgeois.". This style has been popularized by many popular figures, like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, and has established a presence in the world of style.

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