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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of boneless?

(comparative more boneless, superlative most boneless) Without bones, especially as pertaining to meat or poultry prepared for eating. (chiefly UK, figuratively) Lacking strength, courage, or resolve; spineless.

Who sings the song boneless?

Boneless (song) " Boneless " is a track by American DJ and producer Steve Aoki in collaboration with dance music producers Chris Lake and Tujamo and featuring the vocals of hip-hop recording artist Kid Ink, courtesy of and in association with the original producer and composer Aid Vllasaliu.

Are boneless chicken wings Nuggets?

The only reason people eat boneless wings by hand is so that they can try and cover up the fact that they’re not actually eating wings. There’s little difference between the insides of boneless wings and chicken nuggets (or tenders if you prefer). They’re both typically deep-fried breast of chicken.

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