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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best book publishing companies in the UK?

1 Autumn House Press 2 BatCat Press 3 Camino Books 4 Dufour Editions 5 White Mane Publishing Co., Inc. 6 Etruscan Press 7 Judson Press 8 Kallisti Publishing 9 The Local History Company 10 Schiffer Publishing More items...

Where is the Dorrance Publishing Company located?

DORRANCE PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. 585 Alpha Dr. Suite 103, Pittsburgh, PA 15238 | Phone: 800-695-9599 - Fax: 412-387-1319. Dorrance Publishing is proud that everyone who works on our Authors’ books are based in the United States. Our books are printed in the USA, too!

What is University of Pittsburgh Press?

Founded in 1936, University of Pittsburgh Press is a publisher of scholarly works, short fiction, poetry and books about Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh.

What is Schiffer Publishing?

Headed up by Peter Schiffer, Schiffer Publishing began in 1974 as an operation to publish Chester County Historical Society in West Chester, Pennsylvania by Margaret Schiffer, to bring back into circulation out-of-print historical books about antiques, and to publish a book about Chinese porcelain.

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