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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get unlimited coins in blooket?

Go to the market tab on blooket, > Open Inspect element (ctrl+shift+i) and go to the console tab. Copy the raw code and paste it into the console tab then click enter. There should be an alert, >reload your page and the coins will be added

How to cheat on blooket?

Other Cheats Besides the answers cheat there is other fun cheats you can troll with. flood.jsfiles lets you flood a LIVEblooket game(s). kick.jsfiles lets you kick a player from a LIVEblooket game(s). addTokens.jsor add coins. This is kind of self-explanatory, i'll still explain what this cheat does.

What is a hacker tool?

A hacking tool is a tool or program that is specially designed to help a hacker. The true meaning of hacking is derived from “hacking away”, which is used to refer to someone who is extremely proficient in computer technology and hacks away at the bits and bytes.

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