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Frequently Asked Questions

Who really created the border crisis?

Through misguided policies, political stunts and a failure of leadership, the president has created the conditions that allowed the asylum problem at the border to explode into a crisis.

What is the truth about the border crisis?

There is a crisis at the border. It's not a threat to Americans or borderland communities, but it is a desperate gauntlet of life or death for thousands looking to escape violence and build a better life. Immigrants are not the ones to be feared - they need our help.

Is there actually a 'crisis' at the border?

Thousands of migrants are enduring freezing conditions at the Belarus-Poland border in the hope of a better life inside the EU. Two groups of migrants, mainly from Iraq, Syria and parts of Africa, are reported to have made it into Poland from Belarus - only to be detained immediately after crossing the border.

What should be done about the border crisis?

Use resources effectively and increase resources as necessary to better manage the flow of migrants. We need to add personnel and resources to expand capacity at ports of entry, so that we can handle intake and process asylum claims more expeditiously.

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