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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I play in Borderlands 3?

Moze the Gunner is an ideal choice for beginners – if Borderlands 3 is the first in the series you’ve played, pick Moze. Moze is tanky, but she does bring a lot of firepower to the party, and is best suited to those who prefer an overtly offensive playstyle.

What is the max level cap in Borderlands 3?

To begin by answering the question, the current max level cap in Borderlands 3 is 72, after the June 24th update in 2021. Gearbox Software and 2K Games released Borderlands 3 on September 13, 2019, with a starting level cap at 50. although, Is there a guardian rank cap?

What are the new weapons in Borderlands 3?

Borderlands 3’s Bounty of Blood DLC introduced plenty of new Legendary weapons for you to hunt down. While you might be pretty happy with what you have now, a reforming effort will be in order as the Level Cap has been raised to 60, which kind of invalidates a lot of your current arsenal once you have ranked up, especially if you are playing at Mayhem 10.

When will Borderlands 3 release on Steam?

Gearbox kicked off its PAX East panel by announcing the Steam release date for Borderlands 3 and it’s only a few weeks away. Borderlands 3 will hit Steam on March 13, 2020, and what’s more, it will feature cross-play between Steam and Epic Games Store.

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