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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the largest city in Bosnia?

Sarajevo is Bosnia and Herzegovina's largest city and capital of the country. Banja Luka and Luka are the second and third biggest cities in the country. The cityscape of Sarajevo.

What are the demographics of Bosnia?

Bosnia and Herzegovina Demographics. The three ethnic groups are Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats. According to 2000 information from the CIA, the ethnic breakdown is 48% Bosniak, 37% Serbs, 14% Croats and 0.6% other. It's believed that 45% of the population is Muslim, 36% is Serb Orthodox, 15% is Roman Catholic, 1% is Protestant, and 3% is another religion.

What race is Bosnian?

Bosnians (Serbo-Croatian: Bosanci/Босанци; singular: Bosanac/Босанац) are people who live in Bosnia or who are of Bosnian descent. Bosnia is one of two main regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the latest official population census made in Bosnia and Herzegovina, most of the population identified with Bosniak, Croat or Serb nationality.

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