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Frequently Asked Questions

Who drew the famous Boston Massacre painting?

The revolutionary, Paul Revere published a famous painting he made of the Boston Massacre through his view. He expresses his merciless perception of the British by exaggerating the painting to make the British look harmful.

Who drew the Boston Massacre?

Henry was a half-brother of another famous American painter John Singleton Copley. Copley even drew Henry in one of his paintings called The Boy with the Squirrel. According to Pelham, P.R shamelessly copied Pelham’s Boston Massacre drawing which he was still working on and used the image in the engraving.

Did Paul Revere draw the Boston Massacre?

The Bloody Massacre Perpetrated in King Street Boston on March 5th, 1770, a copper engraving by Paul Revere modeled on a drawing by Henry Pelham, 1770.

Who made the Boston Massacre picture?

Choose a picture to begin. This famous depiction of the Boston Massacre was engraved by Paul Revere (based on a drawing by Henry Pelham), colored by Christian Remick, and printed by Benjamin Edes. Current view of the Old State House, Boston, Massachusetts, the seat of British colonial government from 1713 to 1776.

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