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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be the mayor of Boston in 2013?

Incumbent mayor Thomas Menino had declined to run for re-election to a sixth term. A non-partisan preliminary election was held on Tuesday, September 24, 2013. 12 candidates made the ballot to replace Menino, with state representative Marty Walsh and city councilor John R. Connolly advancing to the general election.

Who was the first candidate to run for mayor of Boston?

The first candidate to announce a campaign for mayor was at-Large Boston City Councillor John R. Connolly in February of 2013, who announced an intent to base his campaign on reforming public education and opposing the influence of the Boston Teachers Union.

Will Boston mayor Tom Menino seek re-election?

^ "Boston Mayor Tom Menino Will Not Seek Re-Election". CBS Boston. Associated Press. March 27, 2013. ^ Levenson, Michael; Ryan, Andrew (March 28, 2013).

Does BostInno endorse John Connolly for mayor?

"BostInno is Proud to Endorse John Connolly for Mayor". BostInno. Retrieved October 14, 2021. ^ Daily Free Press Admin (November 4, 2013). "EDIT: The FreeP endorses John Connolly". The Daily Free Press. Retrieved November 16, 2021. ^ a b Khalid, Asma (October 21, 2013). "Endorsements Take Center Stage In Boston Mayor's Race". WBUR.

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