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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price for a Boston Terrier?

The sum is inclusive of the expenses on hygiene, grooming, medical, and insurance - all the means needed to hold on to these affectionate creatures. A Boston terrier would typically go for about $25 to $300 when acquired from shelters and rescue facilities and $600 up to $4,350 per pooch when purchased from sellers and breeders.

How much are Boston Terriers?

When it comes to purchasing these types of pets, the average Boston terrier cost can vary depending on their pre-adoption habitat. If one buys directly from a good breeder, the median cost is somewhere between $800 and $1500. The quality of the pet in terms of physical appearance, health and natural temperament will determine the actual cost.

How much does a Boston terrier rescue cost?

If you are wanting to get a Boston Terrier the best kind of "shelters" to look into would be a Boston Terrier Rescue. Often the cost to adopt from a rescue is no more than $400 . I looked at 10 of the Boston Terrier rescues in the United States that have pricing on their website and the average price was $336.00.

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