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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the ox symbolize?

Traditionally, the ox was an animal the people used to plow their fields. They are male and have the stature that signifies strength and durability. Therefore the ox is primarily a working beast for humans or just a source of beef.

What animal looks like ox?

Gnu animals. Found in Southern and Eastern Africa, the gnu (pronounced g-nu or new) is a really unique animal that looks like a combination of many other. With its ox-like head, the mane of a horse and buffalo horns it may not be as attractive as our website – but does have a lot of character.

What are the characteristics of the ox?

characteristics of the ox A hard worker, well balanced, honest and patient with a great sense of responsibility – a slow, calm, obstinate and tenacious force. Stubborn and can be a bad loser and whilst good with money and generous with your spouse and children you can be a bit stingy at times.

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