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Frequently Asked Questions

What is box like a fish?

" to box like a fish " is phrase typically used in the gaming genre meaning to trap and eliminate. bruh ur boxed like a fish, get trapped, ur free, literal dog water, like a fish in a barrel, oh nemo's in the box, ur earnings are trash, free'er than a cosco sample.

Can boxfish live with other fish?

If your Boxfish is required to eat floating foods, they may gulp air that will affect their balance and buoyancy. In addition, these are slow eating fish and cannot be kept with other fish that will steal food as they will not get enough to eat.

Are boxfish picky eaters?

Boxfish are incredibly picky eaters and it is important that you meet their nutritional needs and meal preferences as a dead Boxfish can kill an entire aquarium. When first introducing your fish to its new home, it is important that you feed it fresh shrimp. Boxfish are omnivores, but they require foods that sink to the bottom of the tank.

What is the difference between a boxfish and a cowfish?

Cowfish – Though similar to the Boxfish in shape and size, the Cowfish has one notable distinction: a pair of “horns” that jut out from above the eyes. These fish also have two spines that protrude out from the back.

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