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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the longest tenured boxing champion in the world?

Russell, 33, is now 31-2 in his career, but the defeat Saturday ended his reign as the longest-tenured active male boxing champion at six years, 10 months. He first held the title after a technical knockout of Johnny Gonzalez on March 28, 2015, but Saturday’s fight was only his sixth since then.

Is it possible for Ngannou to become a boxer?

Ngannou recently told ESPN MMA that he was “definitely” open to trying his hand at boxing, and indicated that he would be keen to sign a new contract with UFC that would allow him to pursue both avenues.

What was the biggest punch in the fight?

The biggest punch of the fight came in Round 9, when the Puerto Rican landed a left hook in the final seconds that put Ananyan onto the canvas and hurt him.

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