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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gay Inosuke weight gain story?

Gay Inosuke weight gain stories! (Not my art.) Donkey and Diddy Kong go on another adventure. But this time, Diddy Kong seems to be eating more bananas than usual... 4 friends try out for the fattening contest and fatten each other up. A 10 year old boy named Will volunteers to taste test at a new fast food restaurant.

Who is the protagonist in a weight gain story?

A man knows he’s the protagonist of a gaining story and spends his time trying to avoid becoming the victim of a weight gain plot. A man on a business trip finds his way to a bar where he’s on the receiving end of a lot of free food, free drinks, and attention.

What is a one-shot story of male inflation and weight gain?

One-shot stories of male inflation and weight gain. Carter, an over weight and greedy young man wins a trip to Wonka's factory. Him and his boyfriend embark on a journey where Carter meets his long awaited destiny. A compilation of different forms of weight gain. Mostly will be boys 8-20.

What is a short story about a skinny guy who wants bigger?

A short, skinny guy who’s always getting pushed around wishes he were bigger so people would move for him, and gets his wish. Frustrated with the fact that customers don’t take his advice seriously, an employee at a tech store tries gaining weight to see if he can look the part.

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