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Frequently Asked Questions

What rhymes with breadth?

Words that rhyme with breath include death, beth, eath, beath, redd, smeath, keath, mcbeath, prodeath and saith. Find more rhyming words at!

Is breadth the same as width?

There is no difference between breadth and width. They are just different words for the same thing. As you can see, the definitions are pretty much the exact same, and they are synonyms of each other. The definition for breadth literally has “width” in it.

What is another word for breadth?

the capacity to understand a broad range of topics. "a teacher must have a breadth of knowledge of the subject"; "a man distinguished by the largeness and scope of his views". Synonyms: width, largeness, comprehensiveness, pretentiousness, pretension, extensiveness, bigness, fullness. width, breadth noun. the extent of something from side to side.

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