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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the breadwinner Ber Deborah Ellis a true story?

A political activist whose first book for children, Looking for X, dealt with poverty in Toronto, Ellis based The Breadwinner on the true-life stories of women in Afghan refugee camps . In the wily Parvana, Ellis creates a character to whom North American children will have no difficulty relating.

What does the breadwinner bring home?

A breadwinner is the person in a household who brings in the lion's share of income and thus supports the family financially. In the past, the breadwinner referred mainly to a single-income family where the other spouse remained at home. Today, breadwinners can be women or men, or both together.

What inspired Deborah Ellis to write the breadwinner?

Presentation by Sarah Williamsen. About the author. Deborah Ellis went to tons of refugee camps and interviewed a lot of women and girls in Afghanistan to write The Breadwinner. She was inspired by the story of a girl who cut her hair and wore boys clothes to make money for her family.

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