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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brian laundrie really missing?

Following the tragic slaying of Gabby Petito, Brian Laundrie is still missing, but, in recent days, attention has turned to a group of missing people whose bodies have been found during the manhunt. Now, Gabby Petito’s homicide has really shocked the world.

Did Bryan Landry get caught?

Dog The Bounty Hunter took to the Internet last night to declare he has caught Brian Laundrie on camera. This update was shared by his daughter Lyssa Chapman on Twitter. Roughly 16 hours ago, Lyssa Chapman confirmed Dog had a HOT lead on Brian Laundrie. She, however, tweeted a second time reminding the world to keep their eyes peeled.

Did they arrest Brian laundrie?

While the FBI has an arrest warrant for Mr Laundrie over a fraud charge, Chapman launched a parallel search for the 23-year-old who was reported missing by his parents on 17 September. He said on Wednesday: “We’re here at the island.

Is Brian laundries really dead?

The remains of Florida fugitive Brian Laundrie have been found by investigators at Carlton Reserve in Florida almost two months since he first disappeared. The FBI on October 21 confirmed that the human remains found belonged to Laundrie after dental records of the skull were used to identify the body.

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