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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business development manager?

What is a business development manager? The business development manager, or BDM, informs others about company products and services and acts as the point of contact for new clients and their assigned existing clients.

What does a residential business development manager do?

The Residential Business Development Manager calls on local residential prospects to develop relationships and gain their flooring business .… Must maintain an acceptable driving record and valid passport. Grow new business by helping travel agencies develop marketing plans and reach booking goals via……

What does a business development sales manager do at guidesly?

The Business Development Sales Manager will lead a team of Business Development Executives and Business Development Account Managers that develops leads,…… You will be on the front line with executives creating new products and driving Guidesly’s development. As a business development manager, you will work with……

What does a director of business development do?

You will research and progress business development opportunities, building relationships and working collaboratively with partners, commissioners and funders. Lead from the front to develop new and existing business opportunities. Streamline business operations in terms of the services supplied to the Customer. More...

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