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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a professional real estate logo?

Real Estate Logo Design Tips Icons. Before you start designing a logo, you need to choose which type of logo you're going to use: Text-based, icon-based, or a combination mark. Typography. This is an important part of any real estate logo, as the majority of the logos in your industry are text-heavy. Color Palette. ... Layout. ...

What are the best real estate logos?

Trendy Real Estate Logos for 2019 At Properties. Incorporating the @ sign into its logo, At Properties achieves two messaging goals. ... Tim Perry Real Estate. Tim Perry Real Estate Sales logo uses a minimalist approach with simple initials inside of a double circle. Alexander Team. ... Realty Sage Real Estate Search. ... Partners Trust. ...

How to create a successful logo design?

10 design tips to follow The purpose of a logo. Logos are also like the mascot of your company, visually communicating your brand's personality, values and core messages at just a glance. Balance. Logos that are well-balanced appear harmonious and polished. ... Repetition. ... Contrast. ... Dominance. ... Hierarchy. ... Design tip 5: Go for less over more. ... Design tip 9: Use memorable icons. ...

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