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Frequently Asked Questions

What is designer choice flooring?

Available in both laminate and luxury vinyl, Designer Choice Flooring products are made to last, offer super low-maintenance upkeep, are easy DIY installed, and provide an affordable flooring solution for today’s consumers. All of our flooring products are packaged for easy retail display.

How to choose laminate flooring?

Choose the laminate flooring based on how you want the floor surface to appear. You can take your pick from choices like smooth, textured, and distressed to decide the interiors of your home with laminate flooring. A smooth finish for laminate flooring resembles the look and feel of an actual hardwood floor.

How are laminate floors put together?

One edge of a board will contain a groove, into which a corresponding board can be fitted snugly using dry adhesive. There are also glued laminate floors, which are put together by gluing the joints of the flooring or instantly fitted when there are pre-glued laminate floors.

Why should you buy wholesale laminate flooring?

There are many advanced and hassle-free features that are making laminate floors a more popular option, irrespective of budget. Before you buy wholesale laminate flooring, you can choose from colorful textures of wood, stone, or marble in a realistic feel.

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