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Frequently Asked Questions

Which coding system is used to code diagnosis?

For several years, the standard medical diagnostic code system used to classify medical diseases and conditions has been the ICD-9. The WHO no longer maintains the ICD-9 codes as they are considered public domain. There are limitations to the 5 digit ICD 9 codes which limits classifications available.

What does diagnosis code mean?

Diagnosis code. In health care, diagnosis codes are used as a tool to group and identify diseases, disorders, symptoms, poisonings, adverse effects of drugs & chemicals, injuries and other reasons for patient encounters.

What are the medical diagnosis codes?

The ICD 9 or 10 Codes are published by the World Health Organization and available publicly. ICD medical billing codes are alphanumeric codes assigned to the diagnosis based on the symptoms and causes determined by the provider based on assessing the patient.

What is a primary diagnosis code?

In medical coding, the primary diagnosis is the condition that requires the most resources and care, while the principal diagnosis is the condition that causes the patient to be admitted into a hospital or other care facility. In most cases, the primary and principal diagnoses are the same, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality says.

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