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Frequently Asked Questions

How big does a café au lait Dahlia get?

100% Grow Guarantee! Award-winning and a firm favorite, Cafe Au Lait is a Dahlia adored by many. Cafe Au Lait makes an impression with its wonderful creamy-white blossoms with hues of peach and light pink. The fully double flowers can reach 8 to 10 inches wide.

What is a café au lait?

One of the most popular and sought after Dahlia cultivars in recent years, the gorgeous Cafe au Lait is one of the most popular varieties we carry! Ranging in color from a blush pink/peach to a creamy beige, Cafe au Laits are usually darker towards the center and fade to an elegant, pale shade towards the outside.

What is a 'dinnerplate Dahlia'?

The term, 'Dinnerplate Dahlia' is probably the most famous description, and though all gardeners use the term, it is not an official classification. 'Dinnerplates' are, simply put, the large plants with the huge flowers. The always-double flowers are up to 8", sometimes a whopping 10" across, so the name makes sense.

Do dahlias have smaller tubers?

Please note: This dahlia variety produces smaller-than-average tubers. Be assured that tuber size does not affect the performance of the plant. You can expect great results and are protected by our 100% guarantee!

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