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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a classic Café au lait?

Making a Classic Café au Lait Choose the right coffee beans. You want a bold, full-flavored bean to get the best drink. Brew up an extra strength cup of coffee. In order to avoid weakly flavored coffee, which may occur when the milk is added, you want a strong pot of coffee to start with. Warm 1 cup of milk.

What is the difference between café au lait and Café Latte?

Remove from the microwave and move the foam on top to a side while you pouring the steamed milk into the coffee. Then, spoon that highly prized foam on top. Café au lait uses equal amounts of steamed milk and coffee, while café latte is 2 parts steam milk to 1 part espresso.

What is the ratio of milk to coffee in Cafe au lait?

While the ratios do not have to be exact, a café au lait is supposed to be half milk, half coffee. Add more or less milk to get a weaker or stronger cup. If you are struggling to pour both simultaneously, then pour the milk first, then pour the coffee into the milk. Serve the café au lait immediately.

Can you use scalded milk in café au lait?

The Café Au Lait usually contains steamed milk, but some regions will use scalded milk instead. Add dark roast coffee to your brewer, using cold water for the process.

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