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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in Episode 3 of minamdang?

Episode 2 Han Jae-hui pursues Shin Gyeong-ho for the hit-and-run, while Han-jun guarantees that he'll let the man walk scot-free. 3. Episode 3 Han-jun sets his next target. Jae-hui visits the café with questions about an old case. Minamdang’s origin story is revealed. 4. Episode 4 Han-jun presses Jung Cheong-gi to give up a name.

What is the story of minamdang?

[5] The series follows the mysterious events experienced by a former profiler who became a shaman, and his colleagues. It also tells the story of a suspicious café named Minamdang and its customers. [6] [10] Seo In-guk as Nam Han-joon: a good-looking profiler-turned-swindler who is a shamanic heresy and has splendid speech skills. [11]

Who is Han Jae-hui in minamdang?

Oh Yeon-seo as Han Jae-hui: a third-year homicide detective who is righteous, lighthearted and quirky, but a sincere person. [8] [11] Kwak Si-yang as Gong Soo-cheol: a barista at Minamdang during the day and a homicide detective at night.

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