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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best tomato plant cages?

The Growneer Tomato Garden Cages are our top overall pick because of their adjustable height, versatile configuration, and helpful accessories. Here are the best tomato cages for your garden. This trio of triangular tomato cages from Growneer provides excellent support for climbing plants.

How do tomato plant cages help support tomato plants?

Adding a traditional metal cage to a mature tomato plant means pulling, bending, and maneuvering plant stems into place, which can cause breakage and fruit to fall off prematurely. This Ultomato system, however, allows you to build the cage around the plant, offering the flexibility needed to add support without putting undo strain on the plant.

What is the best way to support tomato plants?

The Ultomato system supports tomato plants and encourages them to grow vertically, so the fruit and leaves don't weigh down the stems. It also promotes air circulation through the plant and allows the foliage to naturally shade ripening fruit.

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