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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do January’s puzzle for beginners?

As we have seen above, all of January can be done using only three patterns: A simple four-day solution where you flip the c-shape and swap it with the rectangle; An expanded form of that where, with a flip of the t-shape the c- and b-shapes can be swapped, providing another round of solutions, up to twelve in total;

What is a-puzzle-a-day?

As an early family Christmas present, I backed A-Puzzle-A-Day on Kickstarter, a puzzle calendar which you can now purchase directly from Dragon Fjord. Every day is possible, sometimes more than once, and some days certainly seem easier than others!

What time are the puzzle clues revealed in December?

Puzzles will be revealed at 9am GMT every day in December. Solution are available on the following day. How many paths through this grid are there from A to B, if you can only move right or down?

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