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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best closet system for your home?

If you live for a transitional modern aesthetic, look no further than the Paxon closet system from California Closets. From hidden hardware and adjustable bars to luxe finishes and its versatile Everstyle Drawer System, the system can be configured to your liking. The Algot from Ikea is a popular inexpensive closet system.

How much does a closet system cost?

You can buy pre-configured closet systems (like the one seen here) from $270 up to $800 and easily shop by the size of your closet. You can also fill out this form to get a free closet design based on your space's measurements and style.

Where can I get a custom closet design?

Another custom resource worth checking out is Closet Factory. The brand designs both walk-in and reach-in closets, shoe closets, closet organizers, and more—not to mention you get a free consultation with a designer before you even get started.

Who is closet factory for?

Closet Factory is perfect for a person who enjoys choosing from a wide range of design options. You'll collaborate with a designer to create the perfect custom closet based on your space and the amount of belongings you're looking to store.

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