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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the California International Marathon a good race to run?

Due to its excellent race organization and fast course, the California International Marathon has always been a favorite event for first time marathoners, fitness runners, and especially for runners seeking a PR, a Boston Marathon or Olympic Marathon Trials qualifying standard. Am I Registered?

What is the elevation of the California International Marathon?

The race starts at an elevation of 366 ft. and finishes at an elevation of 26 ft. California International Marathon Trivia. The California International Marathon consistently ranks in the top 9 of marathons with the most number of Boston Marathon qualifiers.

Why run the CIM marathon?

Our point-to-point, net downhill course has remained unchanged for 38 years, providing over 100,000 runners of all speeds–from first-timers to the fastest of the fast–the best chance to achieve their marathon goals. CIM is certified and sanctioned byUSATFand is aBoston Marathonand US Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier.

How to qualify for the Boston Marathon in Sacramento?

Qualify for the Boston Marathon! The fast, USATF sanctioned course is a Boston Marathon qualifying course. Average temperatures range in the mid-50s, 80% chance of perfect running weather. Fall continues well into December in Sacramento and the “City of Trees” is ablaze with fall colors.

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